Joy Kelly: Wellness Advocate & Entrepreneur Coach

Joy Kelly Live

I came to my love of helping people get healthy at a young age! My mom (a high school music teacher and single mom of 5) was health conscious way before her time. An avid follower of Jack LaLanne and Organic Gardening magazine, she instilled a love of healthy food, exercise and growing vegetables, in all her children!
I shared healthy recipes and exercise with the public first through 4-H and the State Fair and later via the rising fitness craze and health clubs.
My sister, Janis, and I, ran fitness programs at multiple health clubs, developed a training program for fitness professionals and went on to become National Step Aerobics Champions in 1992. We enjoyed making public appearances, representing various equipment companies and starring in several exercise videos.

I have my bachelor’s degree in biology from Macalester College, located in St Paul, MN where I played basketball and ran cross-country, in addition to track and field. I always thought that I would go on to become a teacher or doctor; being involved in fitness as a career hadn’t crossed my mind until my last year of college when I took a part time job at an all women’s fitness facility! Things were certainly different back then: I would wear a skirt of my “leotard and tights” with high heels and then take the skirt and heels off to lead “calisthenics” in the center of a room lined with automatic rollers and belts!

I am certified as a personal trainer with the American Council on Exercise (ACE), a Transform 30 certified coach and a Continuing Education Provider (CEC) for the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA).

I also fancied my self somewhat of a “business person” for much of my life. I had a paper route, sold greeting cards and ran a babysitting service as a youngster. As I got older, I waitressed and later went back to working in health clubs …both commission positions, for the most part. In spite of this, I really didn’t understand what it took to become a true entrepreneur. I really just “owned” a job, as most self-employed people do.

It took me losing everything I owned: my house, my health club, (even my car!) and moving into the basement of my sister’s (my business partner) already foreclosed house to truly understand the nature of entrepreneurship and building a true business that would last.
I began working with my parent company, the Juice Plus+ Company, in June of 1995. Within a year, I had created residual income that could actually support my family WITHOUT any dollar investment (other than the $50 yearly fee); AMAZING to me!
I read multiple books on business, including “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki and made the commitment that I would NEVER spend anytime working on business (other than volunteer work) that didn’t create residual income.

I’m now able to show others how to do the same and am delighted when I help someone create a $500-$1000/month residual income that allows them to have a great trip every year, live in a better house, send their children to a better school, keep one of the parents home, support their favorite charity or achieve a goal that they previously thought was unreachable. I’m also delighted when I help people to create a new career and income of their dreams ($2000- $20,000+/month) while satisfying a need for purpose, giving back and fulfillment on so many levels.

I’ve been fortunate to receive many accolades for my work in fitness and business; I’m grateful.
Some of my most rewarding work has been as a volunteer with the Waldorf schools, Master Gardeners, World Hunger Project, City of Hope and most recently Toastmasters.
Sometimes people as me why I continue to work, when I’ve created passive income and have pretty much created a life of complete freedom.
What really drives me in business today, is the desire and ability to dramatically impact opportunities for others, especially millenials: young people (especially women) just getting out of college and learning that there are no jobs “waiting” for them usually other than to mentor and then watch her and her friends minimum wage or low paying jobs that don’t call on their talents or education. When my daughter joined me in my business, I realized that this was work that brings out each individual’s unique talents, calls on a wide variety of skills and is really a “self-improvement” course, cleverly designed as a business.
To watch her and her friends build lives of freedom while impacting the welfare of others has been one of the greatest gifts that my involvement in this business has given me. Being a role model is one of the most rewarding things I can ever do.
I’d love to know more about you, what you’re looking for and discover whether or not working together might be a good fit!