Salad in a Jar

We are having a Salad Party every week where friends get together to prep salads for the week.

Everyone brings one “topping” already prepped for a salad like tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, etc and enough to share with everyone. You also bring jars or containers to put toppings in. One for each day you want a salad. This has been a super easy way for some of my friends in other parts of the country to make sure that they get healthy delicious salads throughout the week without having to manage it all themselves: just have to prep one ingredient! Genius! No presentations, just quick, easy salads! It’s a great way to build community, so bring your friends!

Register here to get information of this weekly (every Monday) event


Event Details

  • Every Monday
  • 0.00 (USD)
  • All Day

This event will be at a private home in downtown Santa Barbara. You must respond and RSVP on Facebook as space is limited. Once you are registered, we will phone you with the address.

    Event Cost: $0.00 (USD)