Rice Paper Wraps



  • Spinach, arugulaor any type greens
  • Red, blackor brown rice
  • Roasted red pepper w/ green onion
  • Cucumber shreds w/ “Spike”seasoning
  • Thinly sliced avocado
  • Cherry tomatoesdiced
  • Baked yam (scoop out small pieces)
  • Thin hummus (dilute with lemonfor easy spreading)
  • Pea sprouts (or any type of sprouts)
  • Shredded carrots
  • Cabbage
  • Sesame seeds


In rice papers, wrap anything that you have in your fridge that sounds good!
What a great use for leftovers. Some suggestions:

Experiment! What else can you think of? I have used left over stir fry,
coconut rice, etc.

I like to use Earth and Vines dips/sauces, especially the Mango, tequila,
jalepeno. All their sauces are no fat and low sodium. They have several
varieties and are usually available at Whole Foods.

These wraps will keep for a few days in the fridge. I roll them in wax paper.
They are great for lunches. They do not cook, however. Don’t even try it!