Erin’s Full Body Blast

30 Day Transformation

Erin Holt, Owner of Sweat, Dirt and Soul: Physical & Emotional Fitness Coach
(Actual credentials: BS Exercise Science, Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach, Certified Strategic Intervention Coach)


  • BW= Body Weight
  • DB= Dumbbell
  • EA= Each Side


  • Foam Roll
  • BW Squats x 15
  • Arm Circles x 20 F/B
  • Walk-Out Pushups x 5

Weights & High Intensity Fat Burner: Depending on your fitness level do 2-4 rounds!

Choose weights that challenge you & that you have good form with. Do the grouped exercises back to back as quickly as possible & take a 30s rest before moving to the next set of exercises. HAVE FUN!

  • 1a. DB Walking Lunges x 15ea
  • 1b. BW Split Squat Jumps x 10ea
  • 2a. DB Squat to Over Head Press x 12
  • 2b. BW Jump Squats x 10
  • 3a. DB Full Bicep Curls x 12 + 12 minis (small movement, all in the muscle belly)
  • 3b. Burpees with a push-up x12
  • 4a. DB Step-ups x 12ea
  • 4b. BW Jump Squats x 20
  • 5a. DB Renegade Rows x 10ea
  • 5b. BW Mountain Climbers x 40ea
  • 6a. Front Plank Hip Twists x 10ea
  • 6b. Side Plank Dips x10ea