Bailey Fischl

When I was first introduced to Juice Plus+ my husband and I had been trying to conceive for 2 years. We had every gadget on the market to aid us for​ ​increasing our odds but no luck. We finally made the decision that maybe getting pregnant naturally wasn’t going to happen for us and my doctor​ ​recommended applying for fertility treatment – we were now on the waiting list. During this time, we took a vacation to Santa Barbara where we met Joy Kelly and Jake Kelly, they shared the products as well as the Transform 30 program with us. After hearing of other women’s successes with T30/120 and fertility, we were sold and wanted to try the program ASAP.

We were dedicated to T30 and saw amazing results. My husband lost weight, and his inflammation improved so much – he could actually breath normal at night. I had a significant increase in energy, lost 6lbs and felt amazing. It was at the end of our 30 days we found out we were pregnant! Overwhelmed with joy (and shock) I booked an apt with my doc to confirm, as I didn’t believe the 4 pregnancy tests at home! Our name came off the wait list for treatment – we were over the moon!! Unfortunately, we miscarried at 10 weeks. We were devastated. Although it was the hardest thing we had ever been through, we had hope that we could actually get pregnant naturally. We waited the mandatory time to start trying again. We weren’t sure if we were emotionally ready to go through it again, but figured we shouldn’t waste time as it could take years again. And, my doctor put me back on the wait list for treatment. That’s where these pictures come in…. I took “before” pictures for our next set of T120. We knew we needed to get back on track and stick to it! It was 37 days in (the “after” pictures) when I knew I was feeling different and a pregnancy test confirmed that we were once again pregnant!! I am currently 20 weeks and feel amazing. We are so grateful for several things; That Jake & Joy shared this amazing product and lifestyle program with us and Dr Mitra Ray for developing it. You all have no idea how much you mean to us!! We are a T365 family and will never look back! Thank you from the bottom of our heart, and from this kicking baby inside!