Dmitry S Gorbunov,Valery A Rubakov's Introduction to the Theory of the Early PDF


  • Jeans Instability in Newtonian Gravity
  • Cosmological Perturbations more often than not Relativity. Equations of Linearized Theory
  • Evolution of Vector and Tensor Perturbations
  • Scalar Perturbations: Single-Component Fluids
  • Primordial Perturbations in genuine Universe
  • Scalar Perturbations ahead of Recombination
  • Structure Formation
  • Beyond excellent Fluid Approximation
  • Temperature of Cosmic Microwave Background
  • CMB Polarization
  • Drawbacks of the new giant Bang conception. Inflation as real way Out
  • Inflation in gradual Roll Regime
  • Generation of Cosmological Perturbations at Inflation
  • Further points of Inflationary Theory
  • Preheating After Inflation
  • Bouncing Universe
  • Color Pages

Readership: Cosmologists, complicated undergraduate and graduate students.